Creche or Soft Play

The play area has 2 levels of fun filled activity for the children using the facility aged 1-5 years of age.

Inside the area there are three themed rockers for the children to ride on and the rest of the area is made up of a large selection of soft play shapes for the children to climb around on, or build with. These shapes include three lettered cubes, which will help the younger children to learn to spell simple three letter words and two dice to help them with their numeracy skills.

To the rear of the area is the more adventurous section here the children can crawl around under the platform and bash past the mini biff bag or they can climb up to the second level using the log climb, the step climb or even the slippery slope. On the upper level they will find a set of hanging snakes to push past and a soft hump to roll over. There is also the slippery slope, which will whizz them back down to the ground level where they can start their adventure all over again.

A great deal of consideration has been taken whilst designing this area to offer a variety equipment, selected to challenge the children in as many ways as possible i.e. balancing, sliding, crawling and climbing. The layout of the equipment encourages both physical and imaginative play and promotes a flow of children around, through, under and over the various obstacles. Particular attention has been paid to try to avoid any bottlenecks, speeding areas or blind spots.

Rules for the soft play

At Infinity Coffee House, we want your children to have as much fun as possible whilst still being safe, so we have a few rules that we would ask you to follow.

Turn over for the rules!

Here are the rules

1. Children must be brought to and collected by the same person.

2. If a child’s behaviour becomes disruptive we reserve the right ask their parent / carer to collect them.

3. For the safety of your child, please refrain from bringing any toys into the crèche as they may get lost or damaged and we will not accept any responsibility for this.

4. Admission will not be granted if a child is suffering from sickness, diarrhoea or conjunctivitis or for 24hrs after illness.

5. Socks must be worn by parents and children at all times whilst in the soft play.

6. We ask that food/drink be consumed in the Coffee Shop not in the Soft play.

7. If you are staying in soft play with your child you are responsible for them.

8. If your push chair has not got a baby in it please leave it downstairs.

9. Please pay for your crèche/soft play session at the coffee shop till, sign in then proceed to soft play.